Rare Prints for Serious Collectors

Our warehouse contains a number of rare, one-of-a-kind and limited-edition collector prints for the serious collector, as well as other aviation-related items. If you're looking for something special, check the list. When you find something you want, contact us immediately or it may be gone.

Wright Brothers Anniversary Edition

The 19 Remarque Edition is SOLD OUT!

Artist Proof Edition (90 prints) is SOLD OUT!

Charles Lindbergh ©1977 & Amelia Earhart ©1982 Anniversary Editions
First Day
Only 125 each of these prints were made. Four Lindbergh and six Earhart prints remain. Lindbergh's were signed and stamped on May 20-21, 1977, with a registered certificate. Earhart's were signed and stamped on May 20-21, 1982 with a registered certificate. Prints are $1,500 each or the matched set for $2,500. Yes, the dates for Lindbergh and Earhart are correct. They were the first man and woman to fly the Atlantic Ocean solo.

Prints will be securely packaged and shipped by UPS.

Prints NOW $750 or matched set for $1,250

Lindbergh print

Earhart print

Matched set

If you have any questions about these offerings, do not hesitate to call us (in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area) at (651) 291-7925 or toll free at (800) 291-7925.


Complete first original issue of the 23-volume, hardbound set of "Epic of Flight," published in 1983 by Time Life. The set is in near to mint condition. Time Life was contacted several years ago and said that no complete sets remain, just a few single volumes. Titles are as follows:

The Aeronauts Road to Kittyhawk
Barnstormers and Speed Kings Knights of the Air
Flying the Mail Designers and Test Pilots
Path Finders Women Aloft
Giant Airships First Aviators
The Explorers Soldiers of Fortune
Architects of Air Power Bush Pilots
America in the Air War Royal Air Force at War
Soviet Air Force The Luftwaffe
Carrier War Helicopters
Airline Builders The Jet Age
Fighting Jets An original two-side, fold-out sale brochure
Only $299 for the complete set

Insured freight included. Set weighs 50 lbs.

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