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Aviation Art Museum

The Aviation Art Museum is not a traditional museum made of bricks and mortar. Instead, it's a collection of high-quality color and black and white aviation prints that we've been producing since 1973. The prints depict aviation's rare, historic and popular aircraft, beginning with the Wright Brothers and ending with the Space Shuttle.

We are able to make this collection available to the public at reasonable prices because we don't have the high overhead associated with owning and maintaining a large building.

Besides offering the prints on this site, we take the collection on the road during the summer air show circuit, using our Mobile Museum trailer pictured below. Based in St. Paul, Minn., the museum offers five color limited edition collector prints and more than 195 charcoal pencil lithographs.

Mobile Museum Exhibit Trailer
Mobile Museum

AS IN PAST YEARS, we're selling our aviation art prints at Midwest air shows.  Our newly refurbished Mobile Museum Exhibit Trailer is stocked with more than 200 varieties of aircraft prints, so if you happen to spot us at an airshow, stop by, check out our prints and chat with us.  We'd love to meet you! Or you can call or send an e-mail request and we'll pass along our air show schedule.

The Mobile Museum was specifically designed and constructed to be totally self-contained, thus requiring no additional support from the show sponsor. It may be utilized either indoors or outdoors and only requires minimal space: Mobile Museum trailer is 7 feet deep by 24 feet wide; trailer and tow vehicle are 15 feet deep by 24 feet wide. The Mobile Museum incorporates interior and exterior lighting, 2 1/2-foot by 10-foot roof billboard, its own A/C-D/C power generator or shoreline power hookup, a flag pole that is detachable at the roof line, professionally displayed aircraft prints, a customer comfort zone (an 8-foot X 18-foot canopy) over an 8-foot display door opening and a host of other amenities for the patron.

We can come to your events . . .

If this Mobile Museum unit is of interest to your organization as an attraction, please contact the museum about your activity and anticipated show dates. We will try to fulfill as many requests as possible within your requirements. Note: Because there are numerous shows on the same dates, the museum would have to determine which ones to participate in based on the economic operation of this one-of-a-kind exhibit trailer.

Our Mobile Museum Exhibit Trailer also is available for charitable and non-profit fundraisers. If you are scheduling an event and would like our exhibit trailer to be there, give us a call and we'll try to accommodate your request. It will depend on our schedule, distance, logistics and operational costs.

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